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Pixel & Code has made it to the list of best website design companies for small businesses that caters to the critical needs of the clients, and give them website solutions that are out of the box! Our partners have always helped us deliver quality-enriched website design services for small businesses – just the way they wanted!

Small Business Website Design Excellence: Meet Pixel & Code

Pixel & Code is a top-rated web design company for small businesses, that covers all the necessities of the businesses, from the initial conceptualization of the website to the final implementation & deployment in the real time environment – we as a team take care of all the crucial steps.

You know more than 94% of the first impression are design related, and online consumers are less likely to return to a website that isn’t captivating, attractive, and easy to navigate. Hence, hiring a professional website designer for a small business that is under the budget is the clever move.

PNC strives to offer feature-rich small business web design services to the clients worldwide. They’ve a team of professional website designers for small business, who’re fond of adding colors & functional capabilities to the web solution – opening the doors of creativity, and seamless interaction in a single go!

Technologies We Work With:

Business Empowering Web Design Services
For Small Business

Pixel & Code is a top-rated web design company that specially targets small businesses who’re running low on the budget, and looking for a trusted partner who could understand their crucial business needs. Their affordable website design services for small business covers a wide range of platforms with the optimal use of technologies, and frameworks for an intuitive user experience, and seamless navigation. All of the creative heads working under the team of Pixel & Code take complete responsibility of designing to the final deployment of the website for a feature-rich web solution. Here’s an overview of our top-picked website design services offered to clients worldwide:

WordPress Website Development

We offer WordPress website development services to businesses who’re eagerly seeking for development experts to take care of their business website design and development. From theme selection to the seamless deployment of the website in the real-time environment, our expert website designers for small business are responsible for all the steps without missing out on important details.

Wix Website Development

Pixel & Code offers the best web design for small business which includes Wix website development that is highly recommended for growing the businesses at its full potential. We’ve a team of well-trained, and perfectly professional small business website developers who can easily develop your Wix websites in no time!

Website Deployment

Once we’re done with the crucial website design and development phase, the next step is to deploy the website in the real-time environment. Hence, our expert website deployment experts take the complete responsibility of deploying the website with all the necessary checks and hosting concerns – beneficial for business growth.

Website Maintenance

Apart from being a leading web design company for small business, our expertise lies in offering website maintenance services to businesses of all kinds. Our technical experts are always available on the call to take care of the issues reported by the clients, and solve them in less than the expected time.

Your Business Website Is Your Identity, Get It Built By Pixel & Code!

At Pixel & Code, the experts have a track record of building websites that are intuitive, feature-rich, and seamless to operate. With the core expertise in handling small business website design, the team is always on a mission of hunting a creative methodology that overcomes the conventional website development and replaces it with a new pathway. As a leading small business web design company, we exploit an array of top-rated features that are necessary for a website to possess, hence, the clients take pride in their decision of choosing us.

Ready To Escalate Your Small Businesses’ Online Presence?

Why Choose Pixel & Code For Your Small Business Website Design?

Apart from the fact that we’re Masteros in offering web design for small businesses, there are tons of reasons why businesses should choose us for their crucial website design and development requirements. Pixel & Code has always been on top when it comes to delivering exceptional experiences to the clients, winning their trust and making them invest more in small business website design and development.

24/7 Customer Consultation

Our tech experts are always on their toes to help the clients with any of their concerns related to website design, security check, or unavailability of any option due to any bug or so. Whenever you find any issue, you can directly email us or call us for a quick consultation.

A Team of Website Experts

Pixel & Code has a team of professional small business website designers who’re responsible for considering all the aspects of the business, and give them a pathway that is beneficial for their business potential growth.

Timely Delivery

We ensure the clients that all of their business websites will be delivered on time, and we always keep them connected through weekly updates – our clients know what we’re doing and that’s how we build a trustworthy relationship.

User Friendly Interface

Our designed and developed small business website design is user friendly, and intuitive hence, we are always proud of our strategies, and the dedication our web experts put in every project to 2x your business growth.

Strong Security Practices

Our technical experts deploy all the security measures to protect the website server from malware attacks, henceforth, none of the intruders get into the protected data of the website like, user details, and important file information that is way too important.

Continual Performance Analysis

As a top-rated web design company for small business we do performance analysis of the websites and give monthly reports to the clients. If any bug is found, we take all the measures to solve it up timely.

Streamlined Process Followed For Delivering
Intuitive Website Solutions

Our professional small business website designer follows a streamlined process to design and develop a website that is feature-rich, and attractive. We have trained all of our professional website designers to follow the streamlined process to avoid missing out on important steps and deliver the project timely.

small business website designer
  • Step 1
    Requirements Gathering

    The first step is to always gather the requirements from the client regarding the web solution and have an idea what should be the roadmap, and how our small business website designers can bring in a quality-driven website, as per the requirements.

  • Step 2
    Website Design

    Once we are done with the requirement elicitation, our small scale website designer works on the website designing, and starts with the quick wireframing which is shared with the clients to get their feedback. After the approval, that wireframe is given to the development team to get started with the development phase.

  • Step 3
    Website Development

    Our professional small business website developers work on the development of the website, based on recent frameworks, and technologies for a more finished, and memorable user experience. The core attention is given to the seamless behavior of the website, that is necessary for any web solution.

  • Step 4
    Quality Assurance

    Our Quality Assurance team works on the quick testing of the website, like unit testing, white box testing, and black box testing to check if all the bugs are resolved, and none of them remain unsolved. We rigorously check the website, and ensure that it’s working properly without any flaw.

Diverse Industry Expertise: Our Small Business
Web Design Services for Every Sector

We offer small business website design services to businesses of different sectors which we’ve covered for your ease. Our top-rated website designer, and developers have always given priority to the requirements given by the clients, and how they can utilize their years of experience in building the most ideal, feature-rich website.

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The cost for building a small business website starts from $1,500 to $10,000 or more depending on the complexity of the website.

Yes, every business should have a website to create a strong digital presence, and connect with the clients worldwide. Therefore, if there is a small scale business then, it’s necessary for them to create a website and connect with their target audience to drive traction & sales.

Your business needs an intuitive, and interactive website and this shouldn’t give you chills as you can opt for a theme-based builder which is affordable and can get the work done in less than the expected time.

The average time for building a small business website design can take anywhere from two to five months, depending on the complexity of the web solution. However, it depends on the experience of the website developer as well.

Yes, all the websites designed and developed by Pixel n Code are mobile responsive and work perfectly on all platforms.

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