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Pixel & Code is pleased to offer another amazing service, real estate web design that not only caters to the specific needs of the clients, but gives them a pathway leading towards excellence. From the initial ideation to the final deployment of the website in the real time environment, our team of professional real estate web designers are always available to bring in the best for you.

With our real estate website design and development services, you can easily get traffic, and eventually bring in revenue. Our team of professional real estate web designers use recent frameworks, APIs, and technologies for building a cutting-edge digital solution.

All of our professional real estate website designers are top-notch, and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering customer-centric website solutions covering all the aspects of the digital world. Our team always sits together, and brings in a strategy that doesn’t only perform well on the search engine, but also assists in creating a strong digital impression.

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Real Estate Web Design Portfolio

Rev Up Your Business With Real Estate Website Design Services

Are you looking for real estate web design and development services? No worries, as we’re here for the rescue. Our website development for real estate is well known within the United States due to the immensely positive results which our clients have given due to the quality work we’ve delivered to them. We have hank picked the best real estate web designer who’ve a proven track record of delivering results that appears to be the best on the search engine.

A business website should cover up three main quadrants, seamless navigation, responsive behavior, and quality-enriched features breakdown. If a website misses out on these things, it won’t perform well on the search engine. Pixel & Code is the right choice for you, as we’ve been offering real estate web design and development services to our clients for a very long time. Not just this, we do offer post maintenance services as well to cover all the needs of the client’s businesses.

Our Web Design Real Estate Services

We have a team of real estate website developers, and designers who’re proficient enough to deal with the unique requirements of the clients, and make their businesses get 2x leads. Here’s an overview of our best real estate website design and development services which has made us stand out from the crowd. Ready to read it with us? Let’s get started!

Real Estate Website Design

We offer website design for real estate agents so they can better portray themselves to the end users. Our real estate web designers use recent UI/UX practices backed with color psychology to create wireframes that are data-driven, and qualitative. Our core expertise lies in satisfying our clients, and giving them a memorable user experience.

Real Estate WordPress Website Development

We offer real estate WordPress website development services which comprises WordPress plugin development, theme development, quality assurance, and deployment in the real time environment. Our WordPress real estate website developers take care of the website from the initial brainstorming to the final deployment to make sure it’s missing out on anything important.

Real Estate WooCommerce Website Development

Our real estate WooCommerce website development services comprises the optimal uses of technologies, and framework to create impressive business impressions.

Responsive Website Design

All of our real estate web designs are responsive, meaning it will appear the same on all the platforms. We design and develop websites keeping responsiveness in mind, and avoid missing out on important features. Whether it’s a desktop, mobile application, or anything else, our website appears to be the same on all platforms.

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Why Choose Pixel & Code As Your Real Estate
Website Design Company?

While choosing a real estate web design company, it’s crucial to have a look at their portfolio, and what service they’re offering to the client. All of our real estate website design and development strategies are backed with real-time data analysis so that we don’t miss on anything important. For your ease, we’ve mentioned all the key reasons why you should work with Pixel & Code, and get real estate website design for agents.

  • Cross Functional Team Collaboration

    Our team of real estate website designers and developers work together to create the strategy, and build a quality-enriched digital solution. We brainstorm ideas together, and create a valuable strategy that is agile-based in order to complete the website design and development on time.

  • Tailor-Made Real Estate Website Solution

    We create real estate websites that are custom-made to meet the unique needs of the client’s businesses. Ultimately we do all the customization that is required by them, as for us, our clients are the true assets of the company, and we would always keep their requirements on top.

  • Agile Mobile App Development Process

    We follow agile methodologies to build a feature-rich website to be delivered to the clients. The project manager once creates sprints where they mention all the tickets and assign those to the stakeholders. They follow agile methodologies to develop the website, and deliver it on time.

  • On-time Project Delivery

    Pixel & Code ensure smooth delivery of the website, without missing out on important details. Our quality-driven website design and development process enables our key members to deliver the projects on time, and bring in results that are eye-catching, and captivating.

  • Powerful Security Practices

    We employ a comprehensive array of security practices to safeguard our clients’ websites, ensuring protection against malicious malware attacks. Your website’s security is our top priority, and we remain vigilant in defending it from potential malware threats.

  • Unmatchable Credibility

    Pixel & Code’s unwavering commitment to delivering impeccable real estate web design solutions and a profound understanding of the real estate industry sets us apart. We’ve earned the trust of clients, agents, and property seekers alike, thanks to our transparent practices, innovation, and a track record of creating engaging, user-friendly websites.

Pixel & Code has helped 100+ clients sustain a strong digital impression!

Your website can be the next game-changer.

The Credible Process Followed By Our Real Estate
Website Design Team

Choosing the right real estate website design company is crucial, especially when you’re the sole owner of the business, hunting for reliable agencies. Pixel & Code takes the deal as they’re delivering the best, nevertheless quality-driven real estate web development services, backed with real-time strategies. They follow a streamlined process to avoid missing out on important details:

— Website Design

Our skilled real estate web designers prioritize the initial design phase, encompassing tasks such as selecting an appropriate color palette and layouts. These choices contribute significantly to delivering a memorable and engaging user experience for our clients.

— Website Development

Our real estate website developers carefully select the finest technologies, frameworks, and APIs for crafting custom solutions that precisely align with our clients’ distinctive requirements. All of our website developers are keen to succeed, and always utilize the best strategies to bring in the best results for you.

—Website Quality Assurance Testing

Upon completing the real estate web design and development, our QA experts rigorously assess the site. They meticulously examine all layouts, ensuring that no critical features have been overlooked during testing. If any bugs are detected, we dedicate ourselves to promptly resolving them before the website is deployed in the live, real-time environment.

—Real Estate Website Live

Finally, we launch the real estate website and begin receiving feedback from end users. If our clients identify any valid concerns, our dedicated technical team initiates the process of addressing these issues, ensuring a comprehensive resolution for a better understanding of your feedback.


The cost for real estate website design and developments starts from $1000 or $2,000 depending on the type of website being created. If the requirements are complex, then definitely the pricing of the website will also exceed.

Yes, it’s pretty important to hire a professional real estate web designer who’s known for offering the best services. Pixel & Code are one of them, catering to client’s concerns, and offering them the best web design & development strategies.

The average time to deliver a real estate website design and development project starts from 2 weeks or more, depending on the type of requirements driven by the clients. If the project is complex then, it takes more time than usual.

Yes, all of our real estate web design solutions are mobile responsive, and appear to be the same on all platforms – we avoid missing out on responsiveness as a core attribute.