About Us


Pixel & Code

Founded in 2010 within a makeshift garage office by four university students collaborating to provide freelance web design services, Pixel & Code has undergone a remarkable journey. Starting as a modest team of four freelancers, we have evolved into a comprehensive web design agency with a workforce of over 150 professionals. While our journey commenced as a web design agency, our growth has led us to transform into a full-stack digital enterprise, offering global businesses a spectrum of services including enterprise software development and technical consultancy.

Our Mission

Innovative Web Design for Small Business Excellence.

At Pixel & Code, we are dedicated to providing innovate web design solutions to small businesses that are tailored to their needs, enabling them to excel in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our Vision

Our vision is to position ourselves as the primary driving force behind the success and growth of small businesses in the digital realm, helping them extend their online footprint through our web design services.